(note to viewers, David Wright's artwork is available from his website in assorted formats and is highly recommended, his eye for detail and historical accuracy is excellent.) 

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Nothing But a Hunter, by David Wright

Treed, by David Wright

The Long Knife, by David Wright

The Cold Gray Fog of Dawn, by David Wright

I do not know who did this work so can not credit them, but it is a piece celebrating the Scots-Irish and Cherokee connections.

Opening in Forest, by David Wright
Frontiersman, by David Wright
Before the Long Hunt, by David Wright

Keeping a Sharp Eye, by David Wright
Arizona Cowboy, by Frederic Remington
No Stronger Bond, by David Wright
A Dash For the Timber, by Frederic Remington

One of Forrest's men, Don Troiani
The Frontiersman, NC Wyeth

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