Saturday, March 12, 2011

The State of the Ozarks

the beautiful Ouachita Mountains

One very important part of the Ulster story is found in the Ozark Mountains in Missouri and Arkansas, and the Ouachita Mountains in central Arkansas. Both areas were settled by the descendants of the 18th Century Ulster Migration which began in 1718. The hardy Ulster folk followed the frontier south and west and by the early 1800s began to settle the hills and mountains of Missouri and Arkansas. In this culturally conservative environment they thrived and created the basis for the unique people and society of the Ozarks.

The Ozarks and Ouachitas existed in a state of cultural isolation well into the 20th Century. To this day the upland areas of Arkansas and Missouri retain a wealth of traditions and folklore brought there by the sons and daughters of Ulster. The area is noted for its music, food, Christian faith, and a society in which the extended family and clan are still important parts of daily life. The people of the Ozarks and Ouachitas have a profound appreciation for the beauty of their land and tend to measure time by the seasons.

A good place to read about the Ozarks and Ouachitas is the State of the Ozarks website and online magazine.

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